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A glance at Paradise as described in the holy Quran and Hadith

The reality of Paradise is something which people will never be able to comprehend, however, Allah has shown us glimpses of it in the Holy Quran. He described it as a place essentially different to the life of this world, both in the very nature and purpose. Every kind of beauty and blessing exists in Paradise and will be revealed with a perfection never seen or known before. Every good thing will be in Paradise to a degree that surpasses our present ability to imagine. It’s a place where people will be offered everything their soul and heart desire; people will be far removed from want or need, anxiety or sadness, pain or suffering, sorrow or regret; people will live there in pure joy and delight. Allah has prepared such blessings as a gift that will be offered only to those with whom He is pleased. The hearts of the people of Paradise will be pure, their speech will be good, and their deeds righteous. There will be no hurtful, upsetting, offensive or provocative talk.

  • Pain, disease or death are non-existent in Paradise. None will feel any sickness or pain and no one will ever die. All shall live eternally enjoying the pleasures therein. Prophet PBUH said that a caller will call out in Paradise when people enter it: “Indeed may you be healthy and never be sick again, may you live and never die again, may you be young and never grow feeble again, may you enjoy, and never feel sorrow and regret again.” [Muslim]

  • The pleasures of this world are transient whilst the joys of the hereafter are ever lasting and eternal. A person will never feel bored with anything, but rather, its goodness will increase each time they indulge in it. It is mentioned in these verses of Quran, “…Say: short is the enjoyment of this world. The Hereafter is (far) better for him who fears Allah...” - “(It will be said to them): This is Our Provision, which will never finish” (38:54) - “But those who believe and do good deeds, We will admit them to gardens (Paradise) in which rivers flow, lasting in them forever....” (4:57)

  • Eating and drinking in this life results in the need for excretion and its associated unpleasant odors. Paradise is free from all of these discomforts; inhabitants will not urinate, defecate, spit or suffer from catarrh. Prophet PBUH said: “They relieve themselves by perspiring through their skins, and its fragrance will be that of musk, and all stomachs will have become lean.”

  • The water of Paradise does not become brackish, and its milk never changes in flavor. It is mentioned in the Quran, “...rivers of water incorruptible; rivers of milk of which the taste never changes...” (47:15). The wine of Paradise, as described in the Quran is: “Crystal-white, delicious to those who drink (thereof), free from intoxication, nor will they suffer intoxication therefrom" (37:46).

  • Allah has promised the inhabitants of Paradise that they will have all that they imagined as far as wealth and belongings are concerned. Allah gives us a glimpse of this in Quran when he says: “… They will be adorned therein with bracelets of gold, and they will wear green garments of fine silk and heavy brocade. They will recline therein on raised thrones. How good [is] the recompense! How beautiful a couch [is there] to recline on!” (18:31).

  • There are different stages in paradise one above the other, the distance between each is equal to the distance between the earth and the sky. The highest stage is called "Ferdaus". Prophet PBUH said, “the lowest in rank among the dwellers of Paradise will have ten times the like of this world, and he\she will have whatever they desire and ten times like it”. [Bukhari].

  • Prophet PBUH said: “In Paradise there will be no hatred or resentment among people, their hearts will be as one, and they will glorify Allah, morning and evening.” [Bukhari]

  • Prophet PBUH said that Allah says, “I have prepared for My slaves what no eye has seen, no ear has heard and no human heart can imagine.” [Bukhari]

  • Prophet PBUH said, “A space in Paradise equivalent to the size of a foot would be better than the world and what is in it.” [Bukhari]


What Allah has kept hidden from us about the delights of Paradise is beyond our ability to imagine. The delights of Paradise surpass the imagination and defy description. They are like nothing known to the people of this world; no matter how advanced we may become, what we achieve is as nothing in comparison with the joys of the Hereafter. What an incredible life one will lead in paradise. One can have the urge and desire for spectacular bounties and those desires are fulfilled effortlessly to degrees above the imagination. May Allah the Exalted give us death with correct Iman, guide us all to Paradise and grant us Jannat-ul-Ferdaus – Ameen.

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